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September 23, 2012
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"Make yourself at home, Romano. It's a little plain but I'll get some new furniture if you want." You said as you enter your home.

Romano glances around, a little surprised. "It's so plain inside compared to the outside..." He said, starting to walk around."

You giggle a little as you entered the kitchen. "Yeah, we'll I lived alone so I didn't feel like there was a need to decorate. What are you hungry for?" You poke your head out of the kitchen and smile at the exploring Romano. "Let me guess, something with tomatoes?"

He blushes and folds his arms over his chest, defensively. "Y-yeah, what's wrong with tomatoes?" He grumbled, sitting down on the couch.

"Nothing." You giggled, going to the refrigerator. "I just find it cute."

"S-s-s-shut up..!" You heard him say fairly quietly. You giggled to yourself as you start digging through the fridge for something you could cook. As you began to cook, you noticed Romano periodically peaking his head into the kitchen to check on you and the food. You giggle and say when he poked his head in for the 5th time, "The food is not burning and I'm OK, Romano, thank you though." You looked over your shoulder to see a bright red Hetaloid quickly scurrying away before flinging himself onto the couch in embarrassment.

"I-I-I wasn't worried or anything!" He barked, his face buried into the couch cushion. He jumped a little as you cell phone went off from inside your bag on the floor next to the couch.

"Shoot, can you please get that, Romano?" You said, your hands full with two different ingredients.

Without a word, Romano rummages through your purse till he grabs your (color) cellphone. He looks at the caller ID. "A boy's name..." He grumbled to himself before answering. "I'm forced to answer the phone because the person who owns this phone is too busy. What do you want?" He growled, pouting on the couch.

"OK, then?" A male's voice said a little confused. "Um, can I talk to her? It's important."

Romano groans a little and sliding off the couch. He stomps into the kitchen and shoves the cell onto the counter before walking off, snatching a tomato on his way out. You were taken off guard by his action and stared at him a little before wiping off your hands off on your apron.

"Hello? ____, speaking?" You answered sweetly, walking over to the doorway to watch Romano pouting on the couch, munching on the tomato he stole.

"Cousin!" A cheerful voice laughed on the other end. You recognized it and laughed. "I am back from France!"

"How was your tour?" You asked, leaning against the wall, smiling. Your cousin, Joseph, was an entertainer but more specifically a singer, aimed towards women. He was older than you but stick to you constantly when you both were much younger. You always felt that he was your younger brother instead of an older cousin. Romano occasionally gave you a glare as you stood there smiling, blushing but you didn't notice.

"Fan-freaking-tastic!" He said before adding happily, "I got a Hetaloid on my trip! He's gonna help me with my new image. Say hello to my cousin!" The last sentence was directed to someone unknown on the other end.

"Veeee~ Ciao!" A very bubbly voice greeted you. You giggled, a little surprised.

"His name is Italy!" you cousin said, coming back. "Cute, huh?"

"Very cute. I actually have South Italy." You said, winking at Romano. He chokes on his tomato a little, hiding his blush from you.

"What? No way! I actually needed your help with something, Cousin. Since you're a total innocent angel," You sighed a little but he paid no mind to this. "I'm working on a more childish image for my next song and I wanted your help with that. I've been the bad boy too long. Girls want a more flamboyant guy nowadays."

You didn't quite agree with Joseph but you were never really happy with the bad boy character the media had pinned onto him so this new changed matched his actual personality much more. Thoughts returned to the Fallen Angel shoot you were expected to do. You still felt some doubt about it, even if it was something you wanted very much.

You smile to yourself, but you felt a little down. Romano notices your expression and silently watches you. You notice him staring and force one of your sweet smiles. He blushes and looks away quickly, angrily chomping into the last of the tomato.

"OK, Joseph." You finally said, stretching your neck a little. "How do you want me to help?"

"Oh, you're the best, cousin! I was wondering if you would help me with my new dance. Can we meet up today? I'm actually performing in the park, where we used to play, for a charity! Come see it! It's totally free!"

Your eyes widen slightly in surprise. "Today? At the park? When?" You asked, walking into the living room passing a confused Romano. You start picking up your jacket and bag, ready to head out the door. Knowing your cousin, he's probably on in 30 minutes.

"Well, I'm on in 25 minutes." He said, faking an innocent tone. Well, it's a new record.

"Joseph." You groaned, rolling your eyes. "I'll be there, you jerk." You huffed, pretending to be very cross with him. You were only a little cross with him in reality.

"See you there, darling~." He laughed before hanging up.

You sighed before tossing your cell into your bag. "Do you want to go to a performance by my cousin?" You asked Romano, slipping on your shoes.

He looks over to you, standing up. He looked a little confused but huffs, a blush glued to his complexion. "If I have to..." He mumbled, rubbing the back of his head.

"Oh, you don't have to." You said quickly, opening the door. You smile back at the surprised Hetaloid. "You can stay here if you want, sorry I didn't finish you food but I really have to run." You close the door, jogging down the driveway.

"W-wait, I'm going with you, damnit!" Romano grunted, rushing after you. As he slams the door shut and runs after you, your neighbor waves goodbye to you two. As his gaze turns to Romano, he slinks down quickening his pace till he was right behind you. "I hate that guy...." He grumbles, keeping up with you.

"I'm happy you're coming with me." You giggled, continuing to jog. Luckily, the first few jobs you had, it included a lot of jogging both on the set and off.

Romano blushes and defends himself quickly, though unnecessary, "W-well, it would be very boring there by myself and Prussia might come to bug me!"

'What a cutie.' You thought, giggling to yourself.
TT_TT This took much longer than I had hoped.

First day of college is tomorrow so I may slow down with my writing but I will still try to post when I get the chance >///< I'm sorry!

I hope you enjoy this part of Hetaloid!Romano story. I'm thinking of doing the special with England and America next, if not then I am most likely starting Hetaloid!Germany and Hetaloid!Denmark ^^ I still need to think of what Type of character Denmark's Reader-chan will be ^///^"


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