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August 24, 2012
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You were looking looking up some classes you would like to take when you get back to school when a commotion erupted from outside. You get off your bed and quickly reach the window, peering out.

Your father and an unknown man was huddled around a box, trying to get it opened. You watched curiously as it finally opened, out coming a very angry brunette Hetaloid, one which you recognized from your "research" as South Italy or Romano.

There seemed to be some exchange of words and eventually Romano quickly scurried away from your father, obviously intimidated by him. You found this a little funny, knowing the more gentle side of your dad.

The pitiful Hetaloid walked over to your neighbor's house and plops himself down on the porch, obviously not happy. You move away from the window to go investigate this Hetaloid but you quickly move back to the window, face glued to the glass. You hot breath fogs the glass as your mother's car pull into the driveway.

"Damnit, I can't see." You grumbled, lowering your head to try and catch sight of your new Hetaloid. As the door of the car opens, your father walks up to the Hetaloid, blocking your view of him. "Dad! Ugh! Get out of the way!" You hissed, waving your hands as if to move him out of the way with the force.

Once the Hetaloid stands up fully, your mouth drops. The tall albino shakes your fathers hand before stepping toward the house, examining the house. His crimson eyes meet your (e/c) ones. You both hold the stare for a moment before you see a great big grin spread across his face.

He swings his arms open and yell for the whole world to hear. "THE AWESOME PRUSSIA IS HERE! KESESESESE!" You were taken back but his outburst but you couldn't help but smile a little.

Prussia puts his hands down and smiles proudly, seeing a smile across your lips but his thoughts were interrupted when a very moody Italian voice shouted at him. "Shut up, you potato-eating bastard! We don't need to hear you so early, damnit!"

He turns, a little surprised to see a Romano sitting on the porch of the house next door. He grins and chuckles, almost like a hissing, "Oh! It's Romano! Why are you on the porch? Did you get kicked out?"

Romano jumps up and runs over to the bush line separating the two house properties. "Shut up, you bastard! Some idiot dropped by box and woke me up! The moron who ordered me just isn't home yet!"

"Should you really be calling your owner a moron?" Your father said, a brow raised. He stood on par with Prussia's height.

Romano squeaked and quickly got to the ground and bowed. "No no no no! Of course not! I'm very sorry, please just don't hurt me!" He quickly apologized.

Prussia found this amusing and grinned over at your father. "You, my friend, are very awesome! Just please go easy on poor Romano."

Your father gave Prussia a look and chuckled, "It's not like I'm trying to scare him, he's just very jumpy it seems." He gives Prussia a quick study before motioning a drink with his hands. "Do you drink?"

Prussia's grin increases tenfold as he laughs once again, the sound permeating through the air. "Do I? You obviously have never heard of the great Prussia!"

"Dear!" Your mother scolded from behind them, shooting a strict look to her husband. "Remember who's gift this was."

"Right, of course." Your father laughed, pecking your mother on the forehead. "We'll have some later." He laughs to Prussia before your mother shooed him back to his garden.

"I swear." Your mother huffed before turning to the Germanic Hetaloid, smiling. "now, I think _____ has waited long enough to meet you."

"After you! See ya later, Romano!" He called to Romano before following your mother. The Italian Hetaloid only sticks his tongue out at him before sulking back to the porch.

You rush down the stairs as your mother enters the room. She smiles at you before moving out of the way for Prussia. He grins and moves in front of you, placing his hand on his hips.

"Amazed by my awesomeness? You're lucky the awesome me was chosen to be your most awesome Hetaloid in existence!" He puffs his chest out in pride.

You stare up into his ruby eyes, amazed at his height but his ego just felt like a challenge. You raised a brow and say in  a monotone voice, "I've seen better."

Prussia's expression drops for a moment before grinning, now a more challenging look. "Is that so? I'd like to see what is more awesome than the great Prussia!"

you shrug, your mother a little confused about the situation. "Well, I actually wanted an America because he's very awesome."

"Oh? I taught that boy everything he knows! He's awesome only because I, Prussia, made him so!" Prussia bragged, obviously accepting your challenge wholeheartedly.

"But Prussia doesn't exist anymore."

He looked a little peeved at this remark but grins, bringing his head down to face you eye to eye. "But I was so awesome that different nations have named places after me!"

"What about Denmark? I bet he could drink you under the table."

"Ha! That is impossible! Not even West can drink me under the table!" He booms, throwing his head back in prideful laughter.

You smile a little at him but continue the challenge. "Still not sure if you're awesome enough to be my Hetaloid...." You said, turning around and pretending to ponder this.

Prussia's eye twitches as he steps in front of you, grinning but more forced this time. "It should be the other way around! I don't know if your worthy of all this awesomeness!"

You giggle a little and puff out your chest like he did and force a smirk. "We'll see about that." You both stare into each others eyes, electricity flying between you two. It was not entirely clear if it was a beginning of a friendship or rivalry.
Whew, wrote this up very quickly ^^" I'm sorry, I'm still a little brain dead at the moment.

Yay, Prussia meets Romano~ ^^" I'm still not 100% sure how they would interact except that Prussia enjoys both Italys' company but apparently Romano is not so keen on Prussia.

For people who requested stories, please be patient! >////< I am currently working on them! (just taking a little more time than expected!)


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