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August 7, 2012
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"Which one would you like?" You father asked you, pacing behind you with a magazine. He was listing off types of Hetaloids that you could get since they thought you would like a sort of "play mate" since you were an only child and constantly moving around. Your family had just moved into this new home a few days ago. You didn't mind it too much though, you were content with online interactions instead of actual face to face, it gets tiring having to deal with people.

You were on the couch, playing some video games on your computer as he paced back and forth. You sighed and just replied, "Any, I really don't care. I'm fine with none as well, dad."

"Don't think you're being selfish, ____! Your mother and I want to get you one. Ooh! What about a Liechtenstein? It would be like having a little sister." You dad said, continuing to wear the floor down with his pacing.

"Dad." You said, sighing once more and now turning to face him. "I'm fine, I don't need a Hetaloid."

Your dad slowly lowered the magazine and sighed. "Alright. I'll leave you to your video games." He sulked off into the backyard where your mother was. You returned to your game.

You appreciated your parents' attempts but you didn't want them to fuss over you too much. True, it is lonely sometimes when you move away from people you got to know but you got over it. You've been doing this long enough to know that making really good friends in everyplace you've lived in was hard, it's much easier to on the internet. You did have one good friend and she kept in contact, even though she disturbs you at the oddest times and always with some trouble with her mom or friends. She was kinda spoiled and the popular type but she's loyal.

"She still doesn't want to tell us which Hetaloid to get her..." Your father pouted as he sat next to your mother. She had just gotten off the phone and sighed, brushing some of her (h/c) hair.

"Well," She began, placing the phone to the side of the bench. "My sister has 3 Hetaloids and she's willing to give us one as a present."

your father raised a brow. "Won't that make the Hetaloid unhappy?"

"Yes, I have asked her about that and she reassures me that they will get over it," She then puts up her fingers and air quotes, "'once they know they are being given away for the greater good'."

"Damnit, _____ is not some sort of charity case!" Your father growled, folding his arms over her shoulder. "Who the hell does she think she is..."

"My overly arrogant sister." Your mother laughs rubbing your father's back. "Everything must be about her but at least we get a free Hetaloid out of it and I think they are all charming."

He pouts a little and slowly sighs, rubbing the back of his neck. "OK, OK... Which are we getting for ____?"


"What do you mean you're giving me away?!" An Albino questions his owner as he trails after her, waving his arms in frustration. "You cannot just give away this awesomeness like some toy!" He barked, motioning to his body.

His owner rolled her eyes as she enters a room. An Austria and Hungary Hetaloid watch the two from their little table where they were enjoying a cup of tea. Their owner turns to the Prussian Hetaloid and huffs, "I'm doing this for my poor little niece!"

"Uh huh, and that Hungary is the queen of England." He sarcastically mumbled, glaring at her with his red eyes.

"Are you accusing me of over exaggerating?" She gasped, then looks over at her other Hetaloids. "I don't exaggerate, right?"

"Actually, madam." Austria said, sighing. "You due tend to stretch the truth quite a fair amount."

Fumes were coming from their owner as she huffed angrily, "Fine! Be that way but that doesn't change my mind, Prussia! You're still going to live with my sister and her family and that's final!" She stomps out of the room, slamming the door shut.

"Heh, I didn't want to be here anyway!" Prussia yelled at her even after she left. "The awesome Prussia will have the time of his life with his new family!" He takes a deep breath before grinning to himself. "That'll tell her." He starts to quietly laugh.

"Yes yes..." Austria sighed, going back to his tea with Hungary.
Here we go~ ^w^ Hetaloid!Prussia. >////< I'm still not very confident in writing Prussia but I will try my best. I was going to start writing the Hetaloid!Romano but I had this idea for Prussia so it ended up coming out first TT_TT I'm sorry!

It does say Nerd!Reader but this also includes Lonely!Reader/Anti-social!Reader ^^ Hope you enjoy!

Yay subtle referance to Hetaloid!England's Reader-chan~ ^^

next- [link]

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