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August 3, 2012
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England and your mother sat in the kitchen, enjoying tea and some small snack, your mother glancing at the clock, frustration was obvious on her face.

"That daughter of mine, where is she?" You mother grumbles, gulping down the tea. England shifts in his seat uncomfortably. He had tried to calm her down for an hour but he had realized it was useless. All he could do now was drink his tea and pray you come back soon.

"Oh! I need to clear out a room for you! Wouldn't be proper to have you in the same room as my daughter, even if you are a robot." She said, getting up and heading up the stairs. England puts down his tea and follows your mother.

"Please don't bother, ma'am! I can clean up the room myself and make do with anything you have prepared!" England protested, trying to get her to go back to the kitchen to finish her tea.

"No, that won't do! It's fine, Arthur!" As your mother says, passing by your room, she glances through the open door and lets out a heavy sigh. "I wish she would honestly clean up..."

As your mother continued down the hallway, England glanced in. It wasn't filthy but it could definitely use some tidying up. England raises a furry brow before scurrying after your mother, still trying to convince her to cease her attempts to preparing a room for him.

You walk down your street, carrying a bag of clothing you recently bought at (fav store). You were whistling happily until you were facing your house. You could just feel the evil energy emitting from the place. Your mother was not happy. You gulped and slowly started walking to the front door. Your mind races with thoughts of possible alternative routes, all which proved useless. There was no choice but to face your mother head on. What's the worse she could do?

You hesitantly open the door, stepping in. You take a deep breath but before you could say anything, you mother storms down the stairs and begins to hound you.

"Where have you been?! How dare you just run out of without so much as a word! You come home early in the morning and then just run off again with those 'friends' of yours!" You mother huffed, waving her arms frustrated.

England peaked around the corner as you rolled your eyes at your mother, folding your arms over your chest. He was surprised that the daughter he was told to look after was... well, older than he expected. "I didn't want to deal with you when I woke up." You mumbled, glaring at her.

"Deal with me?!" Your mother was insulted. Before she could yell anymore, England coughed to get both of your attention. Both you and your mother's gaze lock onto the bystander. "Oh, right..." Your mother looks back to you, annoyed. "This is Arthur Kirkland, an England Hetaloid."

You examine the very handsome English Hetaloid as he stepped forward after being introduced. His scruffy blonde hair, green uniform, and... Are those caterpillars on his forehead?

"U-um... Hello." You said, a little unnerved that your mother had bought a Hetaloid without telling you. "I'm ______..."

England walks up to you and gently takes your hand, bowing to place a kiss on it. "Pleasure to meet you." You blush a little at this gesture, holding back a smile as you feel your mother's stare drilling into the side of your head.

You notice your mother forces a smile, a very deadly one. "Arthur here is going to be watching over you since I can't seem to even have you even let me know where you're going." She says, venom seeming to drip from every word. You shiver a little but stand up tall, chin up.

"Fine! It might be cool having a Hetaloid around! Come, Arthur!" You said to him as you start marching to your room.

You are halted as a strong hand grabs your wrist. "Now wait a minute." Arthur said, pulling you back to face him. He gave you a stern look and pointed to your mother. "That is no way to talk to your mum."

You stare at him in disbelief. "You've got to be kidding."

"I'm not. Here-" He turns you to face your mother. "Apologize to your mum for not informing her of where you were going and then-" He turns you back around to face him, his emerald eyes staring into your (e/c). "We're cleaning your room."

"W-what?!" You said in shock. You didn't expect him to instantly order you to clean your room. "I don't need to clean my room!"

"No whining! If it stays the way it is, eventually you won't be able to see the floor!" England said before turning your back around to your mother. "Now, what do you say?"

You grumble, glaring back at your new Hetaloid, more like babysitter. You glance back to your mother and grumble a bit more before finally swallowing a bit of your pride and mumbling, "I'm sorry..."

You mother looks like she was about to scold you further but stops when sternly gives her a look. She closes her mouth and sighs, replying in a similar attitude to you, "It's alright. And I'm sorry for yelling at you..."

England clasps his hands together and smiles. "There, now that's out of the way-" The Hetaloid starts pushing you towards the stairs and to your room. "Time to clean your room!"

"You've got to be kidding! You're fired!" You said, pushing against him but proving useless.

"Yes, yes." England said till he finally gets you to your room. Your mother sighs before going into the kitchen to finish her tea. She smiles a little. That was the most interaction you two had in a while.
I wanted to post this sooner but I got caught up in some Kamen Rider videos TT_TT Sorry! >.< I'm a little nervous about how England acts at first but once they get used to each other, I should have an easier time writing his character out >///< I hope he's in character!

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