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July 26, 2012
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You sulked back home after getting a fairly angry call from your mother. You had your jacket over your shoulder, as you enter your house. And of course, your warden was standing there, arms folded over her chest and glaring at you.

"What time is it?" She asked in a growl.

"Jeez mom, you asked me that 20 minutes ago." You rolled your eyes, attempting to walk past her but she steps in your path. You let out a frustrated sigh. "Look, I'm sorry mom, I lost track of time when-"

"When what?" Your mother spats, cutting you off.

You glare at her, knowing she was suspicious of your activities. You growl, staring her down with your (e/c) eyes. "When I got caught up in some drama. Just a whole bunch of teen drama, mom..." You both stand there, glaring into each others similar eyes for a good silent minute before your mother growls, stopping off.

"Do as you wish!" She yelled, before slamming her door shut. You felt a pang of guilt but it was quickly washed away by anger and frustration. You scream inwardly and stomp up to your room, making sure to slam the door as hard as you once inside.

You fell onto your bed, grabbing a pillow and screaming into it. After a few seconds, you toss the pillow aside and glare up at the (color) ceiling. 'What's her deal? I just went to a freaking party and got caught up into solving people's drama! I didn't do drugs or drink or stuff...' You growled in your mind, slamming your elbow against the bed mattress, springing it back up into the air. 'She's so freaking paranoid!'

You grabbed your cell phone and began texting a friend of yours that lived a few states away. You began to rant about your day and your mother, of course along with a "how are you doing" inserted within.

She didn't reply so you grabbed your (brand) laptop and began browsing the web, watching videos on youtube, anything to pass the time. After about 30 minutes, your phones goes off next to you on the bed.

"It's almost 4 AM. Why do you always text me at weird times?"

You laugh a little, texting a reply. She was always very blunt over messages but she's really a sweetheart. A very antisocial brat but a sweetheart. She had been your best friend since elementary school before she moved away.

"Hey, I'm just really pissed OK? Who else am I supposed to talk to =P" You replied.

"IDK, me AFTER 10 AM?" Was her reply soon after.

"Didn't feel like waiting."

"Great. Thanks."

You two continued to message each other. Eventually the subject was finally turned from you to her life. Apparently she was about to move again and her parents were worried that she was becoming more shut off to the world so they're planning on buying her a Hetaloid.

"Woah, aren't those things, like, human like?" You asked her, an eye brow raised as you quickly typed in the sentence.

"From what I heard. Popular among girls apparently. Something about complete hotties."

you laugh a little and typed, "Lol maybe I should get one."

She took a little longer with her reply but soon enough it came. "Nuh uh, I wouldn't trust you taking care of a goldfish with how much you're out interacting with (shiver) humans."

"Hey, I could so take care of a goldfish and I rather be out interacting with humans than stuck playing dating sims."

"Ouch. Got to go to bed. I see the light." As you read her message, you glance at your window and notice it was getting brighter outside.

"Wow, me too. Night!" With that you placed your phone on the other side of your pillow and laid down, falling to sleep almost instantly. You were more tired than you expected.

You awake in the early afternoon to the sound of your cell phone going off. You groggily feel around for the device, hitting your hand against everything in the way till you had a grip on your cell. You then slowly snaked your hand back to you and answered.

"Hello..." You grumbled, trying to sit up.

"Hey, ______? You awake?" You can hear one of your friend's voices on the other end.

"I am now..." You mumbled, finally sitting up with your legs hanging off the side of the bed.

"Cool, sorry about that but everyone is heading over to the mall today and I wanted to know if you were going to come as well?" You wanted to decline the offer but then she pleaded. "Pleaaase ____? I'll buy you ice cream."

Well, that sealed it. You let out a sigh, rubbing your hand over your forehead. "OK, OK. I just need to get dressed and I'll see you there."

"Sweet! Later!" You hung up, grumbling a bit before heaving yourself off of your comfy bed and sulked over to your closet. You picked out a simple outfit before grabbing your wallet and heading down stairs.

As you walked down the stairs, you halted in your tracks. You could hear your mother in the kitchen, which has a clear view of the front door. You crouch down and slowly make your way to the kitchen doorway, hiding again the wall. You slowly peek into the kitchen. Seeing your mother was too busy making a snack, you slink over to the front door.

'Damnit, I forgot. Door creeks if I open it slowly!' you cursed in your mind. You reach out to the door handle and ready yourself. 'It's do or die then.' You throw the door open and bolt out into the front yard, slamming the door behind you. You run down the street, now hearing your mother yelling at you from behind.

You slow down as you near the bus stop and lean against the post, trying to catch your breath. Your lungs were strained and legs were on fire. You have never ran so much in one go. After catching your breath, the bus pulls up next to the stop, letting you and a few other passengers on.

Your mother stands on the porch, huffing bitterly as she watches you dash down the street. "That girl, I swear!" She hisses to herself, brushing her hair from her face. A van pulls up, Hetaloid Corp. painted on the side. Your mother stands there, surprised as someone comes out and jogs over to her, handing her a clip board.

"Mrs. ______?"


"We have your England Hetaloid order here, just need you to sign please."

Your mother blinks down at the clipboard and chuckles, beginning to sign. "That was fast!"

The employee nervously smiles and nods. "Slow week for England Hetaloids. Sure to pick up soon though." They take the clipboard and nod to your mother. "Thank you for buying from Hetaloid Corp. please call us or email us if there are any problems."

Your mother watched as they jogged to the back of the van, setting down a small ramp before unfolding a portable trolley. They carrying it up into the van and after a few seconds, they return down with a large crate on the trolley. They bring it in front of the porch and your mother leads them to the garage and place it there. The employee bids adieu before heading back into their van and driving away.

Your mother paces around the box, surprised and unsure of what she should do. She looks through the small package that came with the delivery for a manual. Once she found it, she flipped through in search of instruction for activating the Hetaloid.

"Have scones and hot tea ready. Well, he already comes with scones... why is it in quotes?" You mother quietly asked herself, rummaging through the package for the scones. She couldn't find any scones but she did find some very horrid looking black things. "What in the world?" She looked them over, scrunching her nose up. She threw one to the ground, making a loud crack. "Those are definitely NOT scones..." She mumbled. She placed the package aside, along with those black... things, and opened the crate up, revealing a very charming young man.

She examined him from head to toe. The Hetaloid wore a freshly ironed green military uniform with black boots and gloves. He was fair with scruffy blonde hair and the bushiest eyebrows. They were larger in person!

"Well... Let's see..." Your mother went into the house, preparing a cup of tea and bring it back to the garage. She held the black object and tea up to the Heataloids face.

There was a brief pause before England began to open his emerald green eyes. His eyes lids fluttered a few times, his eyes wandering before looking at your mother. He opens his mouth, brows furrowed, but then notices the "scone" and tea.

"Oh, Thank you very much, ma'am." He said, a British accent obvious in his voice. He takes it the two treats and takes a step out of his box. He glances around, sipping his tea. He seemed curious as to where exactly he was. He finally looks back to your surprised mother and seemed to have mentally slapped himself. "I beg your pardon, ma'am, I forgot to introduce myself!" He sets the tea and scone down on a table nearby and politely bowed, hand on his abdomen.

"I am an England Hetaloid, you may call me England or Arthur Kirkland. Thank you for the tea and scone."

"Y-your welcome." your mother managed out, starting to smile. "This is exciting, it's like talking to a person. I'm (mother's name)."

"Pleasure to meet you, ma'am." England takes her hand and gently places a kiss on it.

Your mother just laughs and motions him inside the house. "Charming man, aren't you. Sorry you woke up in the garage, I didn't know how to bring you inside the house while you were in the box." England nods and follows her inside the house. They walk into the living room, England taking in his surroundings as they walked. "Now, I know it's probably not what Hetaloids are meant to be bought for but I was hoping that you could babysit my daughter."

England stops in his tracks, giving her a confused look. "Babysit your daughter?"

She sighed, sitting down on one of the couches. "Yes, she's completely ignorant to my wishes making it impossible for me to reach her but," She looks up at the Hetaloid, smiling a little. "I was hoping you could."

England ponders the woman's problem a little, feeling some empathy for her and sits down across from her on a small sofa. He smiles kindly to her. "I would be honored, ma'am." Your mother let's out a sigh, as if a huge burden had been lifted from her chest and smiles at the English Hetaloid. "So," England said after a moment of silence. "Where is she?"
Part 2! >.< Sorry it took a while! I got side tracked! (Fable got me addicted right now >///< )

Now England will be on hold till I finish 2 parts of Hetaloid!Canada and part 1 or Japan and Romano (maybe Prussia) . Maybe another part to Hetaloid!America too before I continue ^^" My goodness, that's a lot lol

The friend Reader-chan texts is a reference to another Reader-chan in the future (was going to make it Reader-chan from the America fanfic but decided not to ^^")

Anyway, enjoy! next part will definitely have Reader-chan meet England ^w^

next- [link]
previous- [link]

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Awesome story!!!~
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I AM the recluse friend in the story. I HATE interacting with people and hardly ever leave my house. Last your I think I only left my house..10 times???? Yeah... Not very social either.
Mikavocaloid Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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Mikavocaloid Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Awww ;w; Well, I understand that it is sometimes uncomfortable interacting with people away from the internet. It does take a lot of getting used to but body language is more important than words, I think ^w^ Even if you feel too uncomfortable speaking, try to convey yourself through your posture and expression ^^ I am sure you are already aware of this though, I'm sorry ;w;

And I apologize for the late reply >///<
ParaTheImp Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh it's fine! No problem really! My parents are even trying to set me up with my dad's boss's kids. If that makes sense. I just stare at her and shake my head. I guess even my family is trying to push me into interaction with people. ^_^;
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When he asked where Reader-chan was I started singing

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reader-chan has more social life than me i mean she even INETERACTS with humans! hehe great job on the series!
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