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July 22, 2012
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You rush down the stairs, grabbing your jacket and bolted for the door.

"Hold it right there!" You heard your mother's voice from behind. You groan and slowly turn around, slumping your shoulders. You tried to make a getaway from your studies to make it to a friend's party but, as usual, your mom intercepted you. "Where do you think you're going?" She folded her arms over her chest, walking towards you with a glare. "It's past 8 PM..."

"Mom..." You huffed. "I promised (friend's name) that I would come to her party but because you had me doing stuff, I'm late!"

"Don't give me an attitude! Ugh, what am I going to do with you...?" Your mother grumbled, rubbing her temples. You pouted and leaned up against the wall as you and your mother had a glare off. You smirk in triumph as she looks away, sighing bitterly. "For heaven's sake! Fine! Go!"

"Sweet! Later, mom!" You called back to her as your ran out the door, grinning. Victory was sweet.

As the door slams shut, your mother lets out a heavy sigh, walking back into her room. No matter how hard she tried, you never listened. Every moment you had you were gone with the wind, off to who knows where. She knew you weren't getting into major trouble but she worried about your future. She had spoiled too much.

She sat down on her bed, sighing once more. She glanced over at her laptop on her desk, remembering that she had been looking up something that was gaining popularity very quickly. Hetaloids. She had heard from some of her friends that their kids had some and they were very pleased with them. She slowly got up and walked over to her desk, scrolling down the page of the Hetaloid website.

There were so many charming looking Hetaloids. Your mother debated whether or not she should get you one. She shook her head as she examined the America, Prussia, and France ones. They would send down the wrong road for sure. She wanted you to become more lady like and calm down. She scanned through more and more of the Hetaloids, debating on the Japanese Hetaloid. He seemed much more suited for you.

Then a Hetaloid caught her eye. It was a young man with the fuzziest eyebrows she had ever seen. She snorted at this and further investigate this odd Hetaloid.

"England..." She read out loud, scanning his profile. "My goodness, he comes with a lot of costumes." She laughed, continuing to scroll down. She frowns at some information about the Pirate! Mode. "Well, he won't be needing that costume. And no alcohol." She thought about buying and England Hetaloid for you, not only can he be a gentleman, but he can teach you to be more responsible, especially with his cooking problem.

Without a second thought she ordered a British Hetaloid. She glanced at the clock and frowned. It was past 3 AM and you weren't home yet.

"That girl!" your mother growled, grabbing her cell phone and speed dialing you. She was very angry.
Tadah~ :heart: Hetaloid!England ^w^ I hope you guys like it! I'm not really sure how this will go but I am open to suggestions >w< I will make Hetaloid Japan and Canada stories soon but England had 2 votes compared to Japan and Canada's 1 ^w^ So England's first!

Sorry it's short ^^" It's getting late here so I couldn't write up too much. >.< I promise to make it longer next time!

Next- [link]

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