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September 19, 2012
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You sat on the couch next to the Canada Hetaloid, skimming through the manual. Your cat hopped onto the man's lap and purred, rubbing its little head against his chest. He giggles a little and gently pets the small feline.

You watch him for a moment. You couldn't help but smile at how gentle this Hetaloid was. Canada glances over at you timidly but his eyes widen as he notices you smiling. You instantly blush and look back towards the manual, frowning. You kept glancing to the Hetaloid. He shyly yet happily smiles and looks back to the cat.

You continued to read the manual, getting an idea about how Canada is like. 'Hm, need to stock up on more pancake mix and maple syrup.' You thought, reaching over to pet your cat. Your hand brushes against Canada's and you quickly retract it, blushing much more.

"Oh, sorry." Canada said, meekly smiling at you. That heartwarming smile makes your face heat up much more and you jump up abruptly, shocking the poor Hetaloid.

"I'm going to the restroom." You said quickly, slamming the manual onto the couch and dashing off. Canada sits there, in shock.

You slam the bathroom door behind you and quickly turn on the sink, splashing the cold water onto your face. 'Too cute... He's too cute!' You thought, ruffling your hair in frustration. 'I can't stand it!' You reach for a towel, accidentally knocking over a glass soap dispenser. It crashes onto the tile floor as you curse loudly.

"A-are you OK?" You heard a soft voice calling from the other side of the door worriedly as you went to pick up the glass.

"Yeah, I'm fine... Stupid glass..." You grumbles, picking up the pieces.

"Y-y-you should be careful picking up the glass-"

"OW!" You yelped, flicking your hand a little before examining your finger. There was a cut down one of your fingers. Some blood was trickling down your skin. "Damn..." You muttered, grabbing some toilet paper.

"D-did you cut yourself?" Canada said. "Can I come in?" He asked.

"Yeah, yeah." You replied, wiping the blood off while looking for band aids.

Canada slowly opened the door, peeking it before opening it completely. He steps in, looking at the glass. He turns to you and hangs his head down a little, his blue eyes looking into you (e/c) eyes. "Did you cut your hand?"

You frown at him a little and sighed, showing him the cut. "Yeah, no big deal though." You said, going back to looking for the first aid kit. You can hear Canada start to look for it too as he checks the cupboard and went to the kitchen. You have to admit, you felt a little ashamed for not knowing where it was but you couldn't help it, you never really got hurt at your own home.

"I found it!" You heard the Canadian call out, rushing back to you. He slides a little on the tile floor but manages to keep his balance. He sets it on the sink and opens it. He reaches for your hand but you pull it away, blushing.

"I-I can do it myself." You grumbled.

"B-but it would be easier if I did it for you." Canada replied softly, his blue eyes shown timidness and it was unbearable.

You groaned and shoved your hand back to him. "Fine! Only because it would be a little annoying to do myself..." You grumbled. Canada nods and takes you hand. He was very gentle as he cleaned up the cut, though you thought it was unnecessary.

He places a band aid around your finger and smiles bashfully. "O-OK, I finished."

You take back your and grumble a little, blushing. "Thanks, I guess...."

"It was no problem." He replied, smiling.

There was a tense silence between the two of you before you glanced over at him, muttering, "If you help me clean up, I'll take you to IHOP..."

Canada's face brightened as his eyes twinkled with excitement. "Yes please!" He says happily before quickly rushing away to grab a broom. He comes back and sweeps up the glass. You had to move out of the way before he hit you. You watched as the Hetaloid sweeped up the glass in record time and threw it away. He rushes back to you, panting a little. "Can we go now?" He asked, giving you a genuine smile.

'Too cute..!' You thought, your heart beating out of your chest. "OK, OK." You said, grabbing your coat and wallet. You headed out the door, Canada following closely behind you. "You really must love pancakes." You said, trying not to giggle.

"Yes." Canada giggles, hugging his stuffed bear tightly. "Thank you so much for taking me."

"Just get in the car." You said, hiding you blush by looking down. You quickly slip into the drivers seat and stiffly put your hands on the wheel. "Don't make me wait all day!" You barked at the Hetaloid, still blushing madly.

"Y-yes!" He squeaked, rushing to the passenger's side and buckling in. You pulled out of the driveway and drove down the street.
Sorry it took such a long time to update any of the Hetaloid stories! >/////< inspiration has been a little low lately. I apologize once again!

I really hope the Reader-chan in this part does not seem as mean as the previous parts, I know many of you did not like her very much >///< I am sorry!

I hope you enjoy reading ^^

previous- [link]

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