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July 18, 2012
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"Happy birthday, _____!" Your friends cheered as you flipped on the lights. You jump a little, startled by the surprise. You smile as everyone scramble out of their hiding spots to greet you. You were known for being a very shy person but thanks to your friends, you've been starting to grow out of your shell.

One of your friends came out of the kitchen with a decent sized cake, candles decorating the top. They were followed by a Japan Hetaloid wearing an apron, which made you a little jealous. Many of your friends had Hetaloids but you never had time for one, though to be honest you could never decide on who you would buy. Japan Hetaloids seemed very nice but keeping them entertained would be difficult since the only manga and anime you've read were from friends, you were afraid of losing a Canada Hetaloid even though you two would be alike, the England Hetaloid seemed too troublesome, and the America... The personality is way too much for you.

"Make a wish so we can give you presents!" One of your friends said excitedly.

"O-ok." You laughed as you closed your eyes. 'I wish I would never be lonely again and that all my friends will stay by me.' You opened your eyes and bashfully blew out the candles, causing cheers from your friends.

Everyone got a slice of cake and were happily eating it. You smiled as everyone laughed and enjoyed themselves. It made you really happy that this many people came for your birthday.

"Presents!" Someone called out and like a flood, everyone grabbed their presents and placed them in front of you. You sat there, wide eyed, as you stare at the mountain of presents in front of you. Your friends laugh/giggle at your reaction and waited patiently as you began to open them, blushing from the pairs of eyes watching you.

After a bit you finally finished opening your presents, thanking everyone for their gifts.

"Wait!" One of your friends said, rushing out the door. "My dad finally brought your present, ____!"

Everyone rushed to your window, including you, and watched as your friend ran up to a truck. There was a large box in the back. Their dad came out along with their, presumably, uncle and went to the back. They both lifted the box out of the back and were carrying it up the driveway.

Everyone rushed out of the house as they placed it in the yard. They seemed a little out of breath but your friend was grinning at it before at you as you stepped out onto the porch, curious at what your present was. It was huge.

"____, may I present to you, your new Hetaloid!" Your friend cheered as her dad and uncle opened the front of the box. Your friends were talking excitedly but you stood there, shocked. A Hetaloid?! They got you a Hetaloid?! Oh gosh, which one is it? Germany? Japan? Italy? Please no Prussia.

You held your breath as the front of the box fell onto the ground, revealing your new Hetaloid. There were "ooh"s and "wow"s from your group of friends.

You looked at him up and down, blushing. His tan military uniform, bomber jacket, blonde with an adorable cowlick. It was an America Hetaloid. You felt like screaming inside. There was no way you can get along with him. And how were you going to feed him? You heard he ate a bazillion hamburgers a day!

But you still couldn't help feel happy that your friend had gotten you this gift. You shyly smile at your friend and her dad and uncle. "Thank you so much." You said, blushing.

"Let's turn him on!" One of your friends suggested but that made everyone else burst out laughing, much to your friend's embarrassment. You on the other hand was about to agree with them but was now confused why everyone was laughing.

"What's so funny?" You asked them. They looked at you and continued to laugh.

"N-nothing! Let's go 'Turn him on'!" They howled, walking over to America. You followed them, still confused.

You were now standing right in front of him, looking up. You were intimidated by how tall he was. You weren't that short but he seemed to loom over you. You felt your chest tighten in fear as you stared up at him. What if I make him unhappy? What if he hates me?

"Here's the directions... Let's see..." One of your friends looks at a booklet. "'To activate your America Hetaloid, place a bag filled with McDonald's Hamburgers in front of a working fan.' which we don't have. 'The aroma from the food will activate your America Hetaloid, making it's Happiness Meter filled to the top. Another way to wake up your America Hetaloid is to ask him this; "America, would you like to play a mind numbing video game?" Your America Hetaloid will wake up, and respond with a really hyperactive yes. this will cause his Happiness Meter to Sky Rocket.' Cool" They read out loud, whispering the vocal activation sentence.

"Hey! You can pair America with Japan!" One of your friends exclaimed, reading over the other's shoulder. Your friend that owned the Japan Hetaloid instantly hugged her Hetaloid defensively.

"No way! Keep that glutton away from my Japan!" She stuck her tongue out at them as her Hetaloid blushes a bright red, muttering which sounded like Japanese.

"Well, _____, go ahead! He's all yours!" One of your friends say, grinning from ear to ear.

You gulped and looked back up at him. He was very handsome in person, the pictures didn't give him enough justice. You felt your cheeks heat up as you whisper to him, "A-America, would you like to play a mind numbing video game?"

There was a brief pause before the Hetaloid began to stir, slowly opening his beautiful azure eyes. He quickly looks down at you. He had a very calm look, seeming to examine you before he grinned wide.

"Dude! YES!" He cheered, pumping his fist in the air, punching through the top of the box. "Who put that there?" He happily laughed, looking up at his hand.

"They should have warned us of fist pumping." One of your friends giggled.
>w< SQUEEEEEEE~~~ My first Hetalia fanfiction! Please enjoy!

The activation thing is a quote from :iconashflames:'s "Taking care of your America Hetaloid" X3 As you can see, I was inspired to write this from their work. Planning on writing other Hetaloid ones (Japan, Canada, England, Germany) after I get farther in America <3

next- [link]

Original art link: [link]
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