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September 18, 2012
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"Sshhh! Did you hear that?" You said, stopping abruptly from your daily chores. Your (e/c) eyes scanned the dense woods as you listened intently for the sound you had heard. It sounded like a cry.

One of the fellow villagers stop and listen as well but only the wind blowing through the tress were heard to her.

"I don't hear anything..." She says before walking back to the village with her pail of water. You continued to stare at the forest before sighing, adjusting the bucket of water in your arms.

"Help me" It was a child's cry. You knew you weren't hearing things this time. You glance at the other girl before rushing into the forest. "Mommy" It continued to cry, louder and louder.

Soon you stumble upon a great fallen tree. It looked as though something fairly large and heavy smashed into it, the impact clearly visible.

"Mommy, where are you?" You heard the little child cry. You rush over to the other side of the tree and your blood froze. There laid a large reptile with leathery wings and a long neck. It's thick tail curled around it protectively. It's golden eyes turn their gave from the sky to you, widening.

"Don't hurt me!" It screeched, struggling to move away but only ends up stumbling over it's own legs, flopping about helplessly. Blood was dripping from its right wing and front leg. Dragons were a terrifying beast that your village fear but this one was just a baby, scared and calling for it's mother.

"Shhh." You cooed, placing the bucket down and extending your hands out to it slowly. "It's OK. I won't hurt you." The dragon breathed violently, its eyes scanning you in fear. They were a brilliant golden but there was so much pain and desperation in them. "I want to help you."

"You won't hurt me?" It whimpered. The mouth never moved except as it panted but the voice seemed to have been coming from inside your head.

You shook your head, never losing eye contact with it and slowly crouched to the ground, slowly moving towards it, hands still extended out in friendship. "Never would dream of such a thing."

The dragon stares at you, studying you as if to sense your intent and slowly reaches his long neck out to you, its nose almost touching your palm. You could see the dragon's pupils slowly grow, a sense of calm coming from it. It looked at you, relaxed and even happy.

Then it's pupils shrunk into slits as its ears perked up. "No! Another! You will hurt me! Humans lie!" It screeched, once again attempting to run, flapping its wings desperately.

"Shhh! It's OK!" You said, not wanting to get too close in case it would attack you.

"You OK? What's going on?" A voice called out from behind you. You spun around, hoping the voice did not belong to a Dragon Slayer. Your eyes fall on a tall, well built, blonde man with alluring blue eyes. He had a rope of logs over his shoulders, an ax in his other hand. He looked surprised at the dragon yet fairly calm. "Whoa."

You stood your ground, the dragon behind you, still attempting to escape but the wounds make it nearly impossible for the young one. As the man took a step towards the two of you, you tensed up and glared at the man with your (e/c) eyes. "Don't hurt him." you warned, your breath getting heavier as you tried to slow your beating heart. This man looked like he could easily dispatch you if he wished with his ax.

"No way!" He laughed, setting the logs down and swinging the ax into one of the logs to hold it upright. "The big lizard's hurt and obviously scared out of its mind. Look at him flapping around like a wounded bird." He continued to walk over to you, stripping his shirt. You blush a little at the sight of his form but quickly look away, watching the dragon.

"It's OK, little one." You cooed, trying to calm it as you walked around so that it could see you. "We do not want to hurt you."

"Names Alfred Jones." The man said, saluting to you with two fingers. He gave you a charming smile as he starts ripping his shirt into strips of cloth. "What's your name?"

"_____ _____" You replied, slowly making your way to the young dragon. It was watching you closely, its breathing starting to calm down.

"Humans will hurt me." It whimpered, slowly retreating back.

"No we won't. We want to help you find your mommy." You said, kneeling on the ground. "Come here, little one." You said, smiling kindly at it. "There's nothing to be afraid of."

The dragon watches you curiously as it cautiously walked towards you, step by step.

"You understand him?" Alfred asked, grinning in a sort of disbelief. "All I hear is weird squawking."

"Maybe he doesn't want to talk to you." You replied quickly, too focused on calming the dragon down. It gently pressed its nose against your shoulder and slowly began to lay down. You try to help it, sitting on the ground with it. Alfred comes around the side but stops as the dragon stares at him, pupils in slits from anxiety and caution.

"Hey, buddy." Alfred said, smiling. He held his hand up, his shirt completely in shreds in his hands. "Just want to take a look at your wounds."

The dragon looks to you, pupils becoming full. It gave you a pitiful look and whimpered,  "You won't let him hurt me, will you?"

You smile gently to the dragon and petted its head softly. "I won't let him do anything bad to you, I promise." You slowly move the dragons boney head to your lap and glance up at Alfred.

He was staring at you, a dumb grin across his lips. You blush a little, guiding some stray hair out of your face. You gave him a look and cock your head towards the dragon, signaling him that he should wrap the wounds.

"Oh, right." He laughed, crouching down next to the large reptile's wounded wing and arm. "Now this will sting a bit, buddy." He notices the water bucket you had carried and snatches it quickly, spilling some water onto the ground and your dress. "Whoops." He laughs, dunking some of the strips of cloth into the water.

"Thanks..." You said sarcastically. He starts to bandage the leg first. He gently lifts the leg and rests it on his knee. He then presses the wet cloth to the open gash, wiping the blood and dirt away.

This causes the young dragon to let out a hiss, bearing its teeth at the man. "Pain! Pain is bad! Yes? Yes?" It cried to you, almost like a little child. "You said nothing bad will happen!"

"Yes, I did say that. He is helping you, it will sting for a little longer. Just hang in there, young one." You whispered, resting your forehead against the dragon's, its golden eyes meeting your (e/c) ones. It whimpered but ceased complaining. You giggle and gently pet its scaly head. "That's a good boy."

"I do not like him..." The dragon hissed, occasionally lifting his head up to give a threatening glare to Alfred, who only laughed and continued to tend to its wounds. "But I like you. You are like mommy." It said, resting its head back down onto your lap. "Except a lot smaller and smoother."

You giggled and continued to caress the dragon's head. It took some time, the dragon occasionally snapping at Alfred but eventually the man managed to wrap its leg and wing up.

"There," He said, standing up. He lifts his arms into the air in a stretch. "All better now." He places his hands on his hips and smiles down at you. He looks at the dragon, resting its head on your lap, and chuckles. "Lucky."

You give the man a playful glare before patting the dragon. "You can get up now, he's finished."

"I'm tired~!" The dragon whined, opening its mouth wide as it let out a great big yawn. You sighed and looked to the sky. It was getting darker.

You were worried the villagers would notice you were gone and start searching for you. The blonde noticed you were troubled and kneels next to you, grinning. "What's wrong?"

You shook your head, smiling a little at him. "Just worried someone will come looking for me and alert the Slayers that there's a dragon here..." You said, looking down at it as it slowly drifted into a calm sleep.

He remained silent for a moment before smiling at you. "Let's find some shelter then. I saw a cave not too far from here." He then motions to the dragon. "Will he move?"

You gently pat the dragon, whispering for it to wake up and try to move. It groans and moans, slowly getting its feet. You place your hand along its shoulder, following Alfred as he picked up his ax and the logs, leading the way.

As you reached the cave, it was almost completely dark. Bats were out soaring through the air as you entered the cave. Alfred lead you and the dragon fairly far into the cave to hide just in case villagers did come to look for you.

You sit down onto the cold stone floor and pat your lap for the dragon. It quickly curled up, resting its head against your lap. You caress your hands over its scales, humming a little lullaby you heard before. It sighed before closing its golden eyes.

As you were giving attention to the dragon, Alfred had started building a fire across from you from the logs he was carrying.

Once he finished, he sat back and watched the fire burn brightly. He glances over at you, smiling. You blush, looking away from him. You can feel his azure eyes watching you as your cheeks burned as hot as the fire.

You go to lean back against the wall but you stop as you felt your body go farther than wanted. You look behind you and notice that you had sat a little too far from the wall to lean against it. Only the your neck and back of your head would be able to lean against it. You couldn't move or else you would wake the dragon who was peacefully sleeping.

"Here." Alfred's voice spoke suddenly. You look over at the man as he stood up, and blushed at his toned body. He walked over behind you and sat down, placing his legs on either side of you so that you were now between them. You blush madly as you felt his strong hands pull you back into his chest. He was very warm as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

"You can lean on me." He happily said, leaning back a little on the stone wall.

You thought about protesting but you admitted that this was comfortable. You meekly nod, blushing madly. "T-thank you, Alfred..." You said.

"No problem, ______." He said, grinning. You rested your head back onto his chest, continuing to caress the dragon's head. You listened to Alfred's heartbeat, closing your eyes. It was comforting.

"Mommy..." You heard the dragon whimper in his sleep.

You softly sighed, still with closed eyes. You gently whispered to the dragon, "We will get you home..." Alfred gently smiles at you, petting your hair before resting his head back against the stone, closing his eyes. You nuzzle against him a little. "We'll stay with you until then..." You whispered, smiling a little before drifting off to sleep.
I wrote this yesterday but family kept distracting me and today a friend of mine came over to chat lol ^^ So I'm sorry about that

I really need to get back to finishing requests, especially since the contest has began and I feel that it would be unfair for the people who requested from to if I did the prize requests before there >.< So those are probably next as well as some Hetaloid series. I'm really sorry for those who only read my Hetaloid stories and do not particularly care for these types of shorts! >////<
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