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October 10, 2012
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"________!" You heard the call of your mother as you played in the fields. You stopped your chase after a butterfly and looked towards you home. Your mother stood by the doorway of your home and waved to you. "You're father will be home soon! Go collect some water!" She said before heading back into the cottage.

"Yes, mother!" You replied, hurrying to the house to grab a bucket. You pick up one of the large buckets and drag it over to the well. You were very excited to see your father again after such a long time. He is a well known Dragon Slayer, known throughout the lands. Many people believe that he will rid the lands of the Dragons but to you, he was just your father.

You place the bucket down and careful hop onto a stone step your father had placed for you until you were big enough to reach the well without it. You hooked up the bucket before releasing the level, allowing it to fall into the dark well. You heard a splash and waited a few moments before cranking the lever. It was very heavy but you didn't give up. You groaned, trying to crank it.

"Your mother is so cruel." You heard a low chuckle as a large hand grabbed onto the lever and cranked it with ease.

"Daddy!" You cheered, looking up at the heavily armored man. He had his helmet off and was smiling down at you. You hugged your arms around his waist, squealing. "Welcome home!"

He grabs the bucket and places it onto the edge of the well before kneeling down next to you, returning your hug gently. "Why on earth were you fetching water? The bucket is far too heavy for you."

"I told mommy that I was going to be a slayer like you and she told me that I have to be very strong so I'm doing everything a grown up does so I can be strong like you!"

Your father throws back his head in a bellowing laugh. "Oh, you silly girl." He easily picked you up with one hand and cradled you as he held the bucket in the other hand. "Girls can't be as strong as me!"

You glared at him and folded your arms over your chest, pouting. "Girls can too!"

He raises a brow at you, grinning. "Really? Have you seen a girl as big as me?" You think for a moment before pouting some more, looking down. He chuckles as he puts you down. "I'll tell you what though, girls do have something men usually don't have." Your bright (e/c) eyes stare up at your father curiously. He pokes your forehead and laughs. "They usually have a bigger brain, just ask your mother."

You look at him in awe and ask, "Does that mean I have a bigger brain than you, daddy?"

The large man playfully pouts and leads you to the house. "And this conversation is stopping there." He laughs. He lets you open the door for him before you took the bucket from your father and drags it to the kitchen where your mother was preparing supper.

You snuggled into your wool blanket as you laid in bed. You listened to the crickets and the gentle breeze through the trees in the nearby woods. Even though it was a peaceful night, you had trouble falling asleep. As you were about to drift to sleep, you were awoken by the creaking of the front door.

You sit up, waiting for another sound to confirm your suspicion. You heard the door slowly creek close. You scurry out of your bed and peer out the window.

You watch as a dark figure walks quickly through the fields into the woods, obviously heading towards the barn. By the shape of the being, you believed it was your father.

You quickly walk out of your room, grabbing your fur coat and went down the stairs as quiet as a mouse. You grab one of the lamps and look for a match. You had seen your parents light a lamp before, it didn't look too hard. You fumble with the match, trying to strike it.

You finally manage to strike the match and quickly open the lamp, placing the burning stick on the oiled wick. Once it caught on fire you blow out the match before it reached your fingers. You felt some pain but it didn't bother you too much. You put your finger in your mouth believing it would help as you slowly creaked open your door.

You poke your head out, scanning the field before slipping through the door and silently shutting it. You move through the long grass, hopping over stones that were in your path. Soon your reached the woods and you squinted your eyes towards the barn in the distance. You noticed that there was a soft light coming from inside.

"What's daddy doing?" You whispered to yourself as you walked down the path, avoiding thorny bushes and logs. As you came closer to the barn, you can hear whispers. You recognized one as your father but the other was foreign to you.

As you took a step, there was a crack from under your feet. You gasp softly as you lift your foot up to reveal a broken branch. You gulp and look back up, the large figure of your father looming over you. You shrink down, lowering your lamp in guilt.

"What are you doing out this late?" He said, his voice was quiet but held so much power in it.

"I-I-I-" You began, your (e/c) eyes peering up at him pitifully. "I was j-just wondering what you were doing, daddy..."

He remained silent, his eyes staring down at you. "Go back to bed, ____." He commanded, pointing towards the house. You turned slowly, dragging your feet back towards the house but stop as you heard glass breaking from inside the barn. There was a fearful cry as the light from inside became brighter. "Damnit...!" Your father hissed, running back to the barn. He threw the door open, ripping off his cloak before disappearing behind the wall.

From how the light had gotten brighter, you knew something was on fire. You held your breath and stared in fear, praying that the barn wouldn't burn down on your dad.

You watched as you heard the sound of fabric slamming against something repeatedly, the lights dimming down so soon it was only your lamp illuminating the night. You could hear your father panting a little before he whispered something.

You were curious to who he was talking to and slowly started walking around till you could see inside the barn. You gasped, dropping your lamp onto the ground and covering your mouth.

Your eyes widen as you stare at who your father was talking to. Or what he was talking to. There, in some ashes, laid a small silver dragon, about the size of a medium size dog. He hung its head to the ground and looked up pitifully at your father, as you had done not too long ago.

"Daddy!" You hissed, still staring in shock and fear at the dragon. "Daddy, that's a dragon!"

He looks over at you then back down at the dragon. He sighs and pinches the bridge of his sturdy nose. "Yes... Yes it is a dragon..."

"B-but you kill dragons, daddy!"

" _____, come here." He said, waving his arm at you. You cautiously side stepped your way over to your father till you were in his grasps. "I need you to promise me something, ____. This is serious." You nod, still staring at the dragon who was now staring at you with glowing ruby red eyes. It seemed as scared as you were.

"Do not speak a word about this dragon to anyone, not to the villagers, not to your friends, not even your mother. You must tell no one." You father turns you so you would look him in the eyes. He was very serious, you were trembling in his strong grip. "Do you understand?" He asks, lowering his head a little but continuing to stare into your (e/c) eyes.

You nod, holding back tears of fear. His expression softened and he wrapped his large arms around your petite body in an embrace.

"That's my girl." He whispered before letting you go. He looks back to the dragon who was watching you two curiously. He smiles softly at you and extends his hand out to the dragon who quickly nuzzles it. "I need your help, ______. I can't be here all the time to take care of it so can I ask you to look after him for me?"

Your eyes widen at your father then you look at the dragon with the same expression. It seemed to be returning your look. "B-but..."

"Don't worry, you're a strong girl and the dragon won't give you any problems." Your father scratched under the dragonling's chin. It let out a purring like noise, creeping closer to you and your father.

You reach out slowly towards the dragon as your father had done. It's eyes stare at you in slits, it's breathing getting heavier as it studied you. You whimper a little, looking up at your father. He places a large hand on your shoulder in reassurance. You gulp and look back to the dragon.

It's eyes were no longer in slits as it examined you with curiosity. It slowly moved from your father's touch. It crawled towards you, sniffing at your small little hand.

You let out a soft giggle as it presses against your palm, closing its red eyes. "Did you..." You whispered sadly, directly at your father. "Its mom..."

"No." Your father said, sighing. "Another Slayer did. I found him in the far corner of their cave."

"Why did you save him? I thought killing them was your job?" You asked quietly, continuing to pet the dragon.

Your father nods, running his hands through his hair. "I will not kill little baby dragons though. Not only is there no challenge but it's cruel. They can't even defend themselves."

The dragon hummed, slithering closer to you. You stiffen up, watching it with wide eyes as it circles around you. After a few moment of holding your breath, it curls up around you and happily hums itself to sleep. You exhale, relieved that it did not try anything. You giggle a little as you feel it's scaled skim murmur against at your touch as you caress it's neck.

You father ruffles your hair. "Once he can get back on his feet, I'll release him where he belongs. So until then," He leans down so he was eye to eye with you and smiles softly at you. "Take good care of him."

"OK, daddy." You said, smiling up at him before petting the little dragon's head gently. "I'll take care of him."
^///^" I forgot I had this.
This is another Hetalia fanfiction based around the fantasy world I seemed to have created in my head >//w//< Prussia isn't in this part but hopefully I can write him into the next one.
All the Fantasy fanfictions are short and probably won't last longer than 5 parts ^^ I hope no one minds.

:iconshyjapanplz: Sorry I haven't been extremely active lately >////< I've been feeling under the weather lately. I will try to write more soon but I can't promise anything! I apologize

next- [link]
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