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September 13, 2012
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"Where's the Tamer?" One of Lord Drax's many servants asks a knight under the Dragon Knight's command. "Oh no, did she run off again?"

The knight sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance. "I'll go find her. If Lord Drax finds out she's out flying again, he'll have my head."

"Who'll have your head?" A low gravely voice came from behind the two servants. The knight spins around and quickly salute the Lord, anxiety and fear flowing through his veins.

"N-nothing, my Lord!" He squeaked out. He held an emotionless expression but cold sweat trailed down his skin. The other servant stepped away, averting eye contact with the large armored man.

"Tsk tsk tsk. I don't like people hiding things from me...." He glances over at the other servant and bend down a little to match her height. "You will tell me what is going on, correct?"

She whimpered a little before blurting out, "The Dragon Tamer ran off again." She quickly covered her mouth, fear in her eyes. The knight groans a little but holds his composure.

The Dragon Knight bursts out laughing before making his way to a platform. "I don't expect her to stay on the island like you all. She my Dragon Tamer, I encourage some adventurous behavior." He then starts bolting down the platform and jumping off the floating island. There was a flash a bright light as he falls to what other would considered his death but he flies high into the sky, no longer a man but a large red dragon.

"Whooo!" You cheered out as you flung your hands into the air, your (h/c) hair flowing in the wind. You take a deep breath of the clear air and look out at the horizon. You can see in the distance little towns and some castles scattered about. Forests separated everything. You bring your hands down and run them over the hard scales of your dragon.

You missed your old home. It's been 7 years since Lord Drax took you under his wing. You can remember your mother and father and all the dragons you helped tame with your mother.

But the memories of the Breeder boy were most vivid. Arthur. Even though you two weren't friends before your final night at the village, those final moments with him were one of the best times of your life. Laughing and talking by the stream, little dragons splashing about. Your heart sank as his voice rang through you head.

"I hate you."

You shook it off and sighed, looking to the sky. It was a beautiful day. You could only imagine how that boy is now. You wanted to see him again, tell him you're sorry.

You missed everyone. You were happy working under Lord Drax and that he allowed you to bond with his majestic dragons but it never felt like home. Everyone avoided you and treated you like an authority. It was kind of nice when you were younger but now it became lonely. The only one you could talk to was Lord Drax but he rarely was on the island.

"Lost in thought, my dear?" You heard a loud rumbling behind you. You gasped as a large red dragon flew up next to the one you rode. Your dragon made a low chirping noise and slowed down a little so the red dragon flew ahead of you.

You knew it was Lord Drax. It was a secret only Dragon Knights and their servants knew about. Not that the Dragon Knights tried to keep it a secret but many who knew about it were either too scared to tell or never lived long to tell a soul.

"Sorry, my lord..." You said, looking out to the horizon again. "I just miss my village sometimes..."

"I understand, my dear..." There was silence between you two. Lord Drax had become sort of a brotherly figure in your life, he listened to everything you had to say and shared a laugh with you. You found out during your stay that he was a prankster and you two would cause havoc in the castle.

The silence was interrupted by a low rumbling laugh from the Dragon Knight. You jump a little from the sudden laugh but furrow your brows at him. "What's so funny?"

"Why not just go home right now? We're already in the sky, you just need to head east." He said twirling in the air.

Your face lightens up, your (e/c) eyes sparkling in excitement. "Really? Can I really go?"

You dragon stops as Drax turns to face you. You can feel the gusts of wind push against you each beat of his large wings. "Of course, you have been loyally serving under me for 7 years. You deserve to return home for a break. I'm sure the other dragons will be OK while you're away."

"Oh thank you!" You cheered, skillfully pulling yourself onto your dragon's head and leaping off towards the large red dragon. He lowers his head as you latch onto his neck and twirled onto his back, hugging him. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"You're welcome, my dear." He laughed. You stand back up and run along his neck before leaping back onto the other dragon. It grunts a little in discomfort.

"Sorry, boy." You said, patting it's head. You steer him towards the east and wave to your lord, grinning like a little child. "Thank you so much again, my lord! I will be back!" You called, flying off to the horizon.

You scan the ground below, looking for the village. Your heart began to sink as you notice a huge column of smoke rising up. You gently kick the dragons side and he dive towards the ground, through the smoke. You squint through the smoke and notices soldiers, their armor and banners foreign to you.

You feel rage bubbling through your veins as the soldiers march over the corpses of both humans and dragons. They were Slayers, what remained of them.

Your dragon senses your anger and turns sharply to the group of men, twirling out of the smoke and spreading its leather wings. You cling onto your dragon until it spread it wings before leaping off, unsheathing your blade and charging towards the men.

"We missed one!" One of the soldier yelled, deflecting your attack. You dragon violently flaps his wings, flying higher as some soldier tried to shoot it down. It roars, swooping down quickly and grabbing a soldier in its talons, flying high again before dropping the man to his death.

You kick back your opponent, stabbing one of the archer's arms. He yells in pain as you pull the blade out, deflecting an attack. You were trained very well but you knew you were outnumbered. You held them off, along with your dragon.

Suddenly, as your blade clashes with a soldier's, you were pushed away by an explosion. You and the soldier flew in all directions. Your visions were blurred as you felt your body flying through the air, a loud ringing in your ears. You are caught by your dragon and gently placed on the ground.

You lean against your dragon to regain yourself as you squint at the battlefield. The other soldiers were lying on the floor, a few were struggling to get up but quickly their life was taken by a bolt of light. You weakly look at the caster of the spells but your vision was still blurred, it was difficult to see.

It was coming closer though, you know that much. The blur of black, green, skin color, and yellow.

"Were you trying to kill me too?" You spat, resting your head against your dragon for a moment before pushing off. You stood, your legs wobbly, and rubbed your eyes in hopes your eyesight would come back.

"_-______..? Is that really you?" You heard a voice. You squinted, trying to see who was talking to you.

Your vision started to clear and you see a boy around your age, scruffy blond hair under his black cape and beautiful green eyes. He stared at you as if he's seen a ghost. Your heart began to beat out of control as you stared at the familiar boy.

"A-Arthur?" You said, a smile creeping across your lips. "Artie!" You rush towards him. Before he could speak you wrap your arms around his neck and bury your face into his shoulder, holding him tight.


"I missed you so much, Artie." You whispered, nuzzling into his shoulder.

He was hesitant but slowly he placed his hands around your waist and shoulder blades. "I missed you too..." He whispered back, resting his head against yours.

You raise your head to rest your chin on his shoulder, a grim look on your face. "W-what happened to the village?" You asked weakly, glancing at the burning buildings in the distance.

Arthur grip became a little tighter as he whispered, closing his eyes. "Slayers found this village... They're rising up again and they're taking out dragon villages first so the Knights won't have their dragon armies..."

You pulled away from Arthur and stared into his green eyes, filled with sadness. "Where's my mom and dad...?" You asked, it came out a weak whisper. Tamers were trained to fight and you prayed they were good enough to handle the soldiers.

Arthur couldn't bare to look you in the eyes and averted his gaze to the blood stained ground. "They..." He began, choking up a little. "...There's only a few Breeders left... All the Tamers risked their life to hold those soldiers off as long as they could..."

You felt your world grow colder as your hands dropped to your sides. "They're...." You fall to your knees, resting your head on your hands. Your dragon steps forward and nuzzles into your back, murmuring. You turn and hug it's muzzle, resting your forehead against its cheek. "Go tell Lord Drax."You whispered to it. You pat it's scaly skin, releasing it.

The dragon beats its mighty wings and flies off, disappearing beyond the trees. Arthur takes your hand and helps you up. You turn to him and pull him into another embrace.

"I'm so happy you're safe, Artie..." You pull away from him and scrunch up your nose a little. "And your aim is still bad."

He furrows his bushy brows and grumbles, "I saved your life and this is how you thank me?"

You weakly smile and shake your head. "You're right..." You grab the front of his cloak and pull him into a kiss. His eyes widen as you release him. "That's my thanks... Now show me where the Breeders are, we have to get everyone to safety."

"R-right..." He says, flustered and scurries off not paying attention if you were following. You quickly followed behind the boy.

It's been a month since the attack and everything was winding down. The remaining villagers were moved to another location. They all gave up on dragon breeding and moved on with a more normal life. Everyone, except Arthur.

He started living deep in the forests, continuing to raise dragons for the Dragon Knights. You would visit him when you could after your duties with Lord Drax. War broke out and tensions have been rising.

"Artie." You call out as your dragon lands on the ground. You hop off and jog over to the old willow tree where you two became friends. He sat against the old tree, like before, with his nose in a large book as a baby dragon splashed around in the waters. In his lap was a large cream colored egg.

He looks up at you and smiles, blushing a little. "Morning, ______. How has your day been?"

You plop down beside the Breeder and shrugged, untying your sword from your hips and placing it to the side. "Chaotic. Lord Drax has taken in more dragons than usual and some of them are not very happy with their new home." You look down at the egg in his lap and smile, brushing your finger tips over it. "Where did you find this one?"

Arthur sighed and closed his book, placing it to the side. "In the ruins of the village... Only one I could find."

You rest your head against his shoulder, petting the egg. "The poor thing..." You whispered, letting out a heavy sigh.

Arthur rests his head against yours. He places his hand over your hand and whispers, "You've had a long day, love. Get some rest while you can."

You smile up at your friend and love. You lean in, pressing your lips against his. He was surprised but didn't resist it. You slowly break the kiss and whisper into his lips, "Thank you, Artie." You laid your head back onto his shoulder and close your eyes, hearing only the sounds of a little dragon's playful chirps, the wind blowing through the trees, the stream, and the soft breathing of Arthur. You slowly drift off the sleep in his arms.

"I love you, ______..." He quietly whispers against your hair, closing his eyes for a moment before watching the little dragon waddle up to land and curling at your legs, also drifting off the sleep. He smiles a little before holding you tighter against him. He never wanted to let you go again.
This took longer than expected >////< I am so sorry! I kept getting distracted by my family. I don't feel very good about this ending but it will have to do for now TT_TT I will get better!

So here is the final part of the England fanfic. Next I am debating a fantasy version (set in probably same universe) of America or Prussia.... But I should probably update the Hetaloid series first ^///^" But yay! One fanfiction is finished! :iconkermityayplz:

previous- [link]

Original image link [link]
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