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September 12, 2012
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5 years passed since you began your life as a Dragon Tamer and you enjoyed it. Throughout the years you learned more about this new life your were leading. Dragon Breeders would mate dragons and take care of their eggs till they reach a certain age before a Dragon Tamer, that's you, would bond with one, training them for who knows what. Possibly get the dragons ready for a Dragon Knight but no one will tell you anything about why you've never seen one before.

You excelled in your training and your mother had commented on how dragons seem to want to flock around you but your parents would not allow you to bond with a dragon yet, though normally a Tamer would have their own dragon when they turned 10 years old. They never told you why, only that there was something special in store for you. It was a little lonely since there no kids around your age.

Except Arthur.

You two never got along very well. Not only did you two both have 2 different jobs, some of the older Tamers played a prank on the poor boy a few years ago and, one thing leading to another, Arthur blamed you. He was far too stubborn to admit his mistake after you proved you were innocent and issues between the two of who escalated. You two weren't on talking terms from then on.

You sat on top on the roof of your home, staring out to the skies. You watched in envy as the more experienced Tamers were soaring above. You couldn't wait till your parents would allow you

"Oi, _____!" One of the other Dragon Tamers called out to you as he ran by, his mammal-like dragon following close behind him.  "Come quickly!"

"Why?" You asked, starting to climb your way down.

"A Dragon Knight is here! A real life Dragon Knight!" You found yourself following closely behind the other Tamer till you reached the clearing.

Everyone in the village was crowding around in a circle. You squeezed your way through till you saw your father talking to a heavily armored being, its face was hidden under the decorated helmet but you can see glowing blue eyes underneath. He held the reins to a large war horse.

Everyone watched the Knight in awe but you sensed something different in the dragons that crowded around. It's was an odd feeling from them, you've never seen it before. It's as if they were looking at someone they admire and even love. Like a virtuous King stood before them.

Your father glances over to you and nods to the man. "My Lord, I would like to introduce you to my daughter, _____."

The Knight's glowing eyes wander to you. You felt shivers go down your spine as his icy stare bore into you. A low rumble came from the man as he chuckled, "You weren't lying, she does hold great potential. Perfect."

You were confused but you walk towards your father when he motioned to you. You never broke the stare with the armored man as you stood next to your father.

"_______, this is Lord Drax." Your father told you. You bowed to the man, still holding eye contact. "He's a Dragon Knight and he's in search for a young Dragon Tamer. It's been decided that you will be his new Dragon Tamer."

You look up at your father, surprised. "B-but-" You began but your father gives you a stern look.

"Though..." The man stepped in. "She could make a fairly decent Dragon Knight-" He stops as your father glares at the man, stepping in front of you.

"With all due respect, my Lord, I will not allow my daughter to become a Dragon Knight..."

The man raises his gauntlet hands and chuckles. "Do not worry, I would not turn this girl into a Dragon Knight. I need a Tamer."

"D-dad-" You began but he turns back to you, kneeling.

"_____. We've never given you a dragon of your own because you were chosen to become a Tamer for a Dragon Knight. This is an opportunity most Tamers never get."

You shut your mouth and just nodded, averting your eyes to the ground.

"We'll talk about this later..." Your father said before standing back up, facing the Knight. He bows to him. "I'm sorry about my daughter's skepticism. She'll come around by tomorrow."

"It's alright. I understand. I'll be back tomorrow." Lord Drax nods before hopping onto his horse and riding away. Many people and dragons follow him, asking him questions or just trying to talk to the great Lord Drax.

You hung your head and face your father. "Dad, I-" You began but he interrupted you, not turning to face you.

"Go play."


"You need some time to think before we talk tonight. Go play with some friends." He turns and walks home. You took this as a sign that he wanted some time to think as well and scurry away towards the forest.

When you were little, the forest was place of horrible creatures but ever since you started living in the village of dragons, you no longer feared it. Many kids played in the woods.

You walked through the thick forest until you can hear the sounds of trickling water. You picked up a branch and swung it around, imagining it was a great sword like the one your father had. You finally reached the small clearing where the stream ran by the great willow tree. You stopped swinging your imaginary sword as you caught sight of a familiar boy, sitting against the old tree, a small flock of baby dragons playing in the waters.

'Ugh... It's Arthur...' You grumbled in your mind and slowly took a step back to leave but the little baby dragons catch sight of you and bound out of the waters in joy to go greet you.

Arthur looks up from his book at you. He looked surprised, a light shade of red painted his cheeks but soon he frowns and sticks his nose back into the book.

"W-what do you want?" He grumbled, not looking up from his large book.

You frown at him, kneeling down to pet the excited dragons. "I come here a lot too! This place doesn't belong to you!" You defended, hugging one of the dragons and walking over to him. The other dragons stumbled around you, most couldn't balance correctly yet.

Arthur blushes some more, barking at you, "I-I know that!"

There was an awkward silence between the two of you as you stood next to him, leaning against the tree. You put the baby dragon down and continued to pet the rest as they gently clawed at your legs for attention. The mammal-like dragons were always much more clingy to their Breeder and Tamers, compared to their reptilian cousins.

"I actually wanted to ask you something..." You said, sitting down next to him. He scoots away a little, making you frown but you decide not to comment.

"You can ask but I-I might not answer!" He said, turning away from you.

"Fine." You grumbled, folding your arms over your chest. The babies walk back to the stream, playing once again. "You read a lot. I was wondering if you read anything about Dragon Knights."

"Besides that the rule over half the world and they're known for going to war on large dragons?"


"...I might..." He said. You stare at him. You couldn't believe him. You've done nothing wrong since the first day you've met him and he never even tried to get along with you.

You grab his shoulder and turn him to face you. He looks into your (e/c) eyes with his green eyes with surprise, a blush spreading over his face.

"Why do you hate me? You always glare at me even though I never did anything to you and you avoid me! Why?" You demanded.

His brows furrows as he began to stutter. "W-w-well, I-I-I-I...." You glared at him but your expression began to soften as you noticed the boy's face flustered, averting his eyes away from you. He seemed very troubled. "I-I-I don't  hate you.... I-I-I..."

You smile a little, sighing. He was obviously having difficulties and at the rate events were happening, you would be leaving tomorrow for an indefinite amount of time. "Nevermind, Arthur. It's alright. Can you please tell me about Dragon Knights though?" You asked him, sitting back against the tree, watching the little dragons splashing about.

Arthur stares at you for a moment, confusion in his eyes but he clears his throat and look away from you, his face turning redder. "There's a legend about them, not many people know it... Dragons used to be able to talk, like you and me, they ruled over the world. Then the Dragon Slayers were created in an effort to destroy the dragons and they were..."

Arthur blushes more as you look at him. He glances over at your occasionally as he continued with his story. "Then, when the dragons began to die off, there was a dragon that made a deal with a Slayer. The dragon promised the Slayer power beyond others if he let's the dragon live. The man agreed and the Dragon gave the Slayer all his powers and memories thus the Dragon Knights were born. They posses the powers of the old Dragons.

"That's all I know." Arthur finished, as the baby dragons waddled their way from the stream to the two of you, curling their bodies up against your legs and hips. Arthur removes his cloak and lays it on the ground for the babies to lay on. He looks up at you, suspicion in his eyes. "Why did you ask?"

'I guess he doesn't know...' You thought, grimly but you force a smile. "A Dragon Knight was in the village so I was curious on what you knew."

His eyes widen. "Really? There was a Dragon Knight?" He groans and rests his head in his hands. "Of all the days..."

"Don't worry, he'll be back tomorrow." You said, trying to sound optimistic but you weren't very pleased with the thought of the man coming back. You'll have to leave your home and all your friends.

"Oh, that's good." Arthur smiles a little. He looks at you and frowns, his face turning a bright red. "N-n-not like I really want to see a Dragon Knight!"

You rolled your eyes, laughing a little at him. He pouts but soon smiles a little. Soon you two were giggling together, chatting away about dragons and magic. Arthur told you that he was training in the magic arts even showed you some. He was not very good but you encouraged him. He smiled and you two resumed quietly chatting till the sky started getting dark.

You both walk back home to the village, both carrying a baby as the rest followed behind. You reached your home first and you turn to him, handing him back the baby.

You smile at the blonde boy. He returns your smile shyly. "I wish we could have been friends, Arthur." You said, trying to hide the sad look on your face.

He looks confused and asks, "What are you talking about?" He then blushes and pulls his hood down over his eyes, trying to hide the increasing blush. "W-we're friends now, right?"

You giggle and wrap your arms around the lanky boy. "Yeah!" You release him, his blush completely covering his face as his emerald eyes stare at you. "Night, Artie!" You waved, jogging into your home.

"D-d-d-don't call me Artie!" He yelled after you. He hugs one of the dragons tightly and walk away, the babies trailing after him like baby duck following their mother.

Everyone was waving goodbye to you as you were lead away from the village by Lord Drax. You were riding on his horse, the reins in his hands. He walked into the forest, about to pull the horse in when you heard a cry from behind you.

"______, you jerk!!" You pun around to see Arthur running through the fields towards you but stopped midway. He was out of breath and stumbled a little, baby dragons struggled to keep up with him. "You're just leaving?! After we became friends?! How could you?!" He screamed, falling to the ground.

"Artie..." You whisper, holding back your tears.

"I hate you!!"

Tears started streaming down your cheeks as well as his as the Knight pulled you along into the forest, enveloping you in darkness. You continued to softly sob but the man said not a word to you. You prayed you will see your family again. You prayed you will see Arthur again and tell him that you were sorry.
Sorry if this part isn't very good >////< I was having a huge headache while typing this up.

:iconjapanpastaplz: Next part should be the final part though, hopefully, so please be patient with me while I finish that up probably tomorrow.

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