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September 11, 2012
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Through the dark forests, you and your father walked down the turning paths. Only 6 years old, you clinged to your father's cloak in fear you would get separated from him. He was a tall man, towering over you. He brandished a sword on his hip and you held a dagger in your free arm. The dark forests were a dark and mysterious place but your father told you that your family held a tradition that required the next in line to travel through the forests.

"Daddy?" You said, looking up at your father. He did not look down at you but you continued to talk. "Is this where Mommy went?" You asked. Your mother left days before but never told you where.

"Yes, _____. She's waiting for us." Your father replied, his voice was low and husky.

You both continued to walk in silence, any creature that lurked in the darkness stayed away at the sight of you two. Soon you could see a light visible in front of you. It was a welcoming sight, after so many hours in darkness.

You squint a little as you emerge from the forest but your eyes soon adjust to the light.

Your (e/c) eyes widen as you look upon a beautiful valley, only a few large buildings were spread about. It was a small within many miles of land.

Then you catch sight of something you never thought you were ever see. The ground rumbles as the roars of a majestic beast flies over head. You gawk in awe as it flew down to the valley, landing in one of the clear patches of land. It was a dragon, a real life dragon. You notice someone was riding on its back as the dragon lays down, allowing the rider to slide off.

You tug on your father's coat furiously but you remained silent as you tried to comprehend what was going on. He chuckles and picks you up, placing you on his shoulders.

"Welcome to your new home, _______. Today is the day you start your training as a Dragon Tamer."

As your father walks down from the hills into the valley, you look around in curiosity. There were a few other people some carried weapons with a dragon following. Others carried eggs or had a row of baby dragons following them around.

"Daddy, will I be raising baby dragons?" You asked as you watched two young people exchanging a dragon egg.

"Not yet, _____. You'll be helping your mother take care of her dragon for now."

"Mommy has a dragon?" You gasped, grinning. "Why haven't I seen it?"

"Because we keep dragons here. Only Dragon Knights are allowed to have dragons outside this land." Your father replied, putting you down in front of a large building where most of the people came from. "You're mother is inside, go see what you can do."

"Where are you going?" You asked, looking up at him with your bright (e/c) eyes.

"I'm just going to take care of some work. I'll be back soon." Your father ruffles your (h/c) hair. He turns away and quickly walks away.

You stand there for a moment, watching little baby dragons walk in a single file line behind a little boy. You giggle a little, causing the boy to turn around. He wore a black hooded cape but his messy blonde hair poked out from underneath. His emerald eyes study you for a moment before his large bushy brow furrowed. He seemed around your age, maybe a year older.

"What's so funny?" He  asked, obviously a little offended you were giggling at him.

"They're following you like little ducklings!" You giggled some more, pointing at the dragons. They were now circling around the boy, making noises resembling squawking and growling.

"Of course they are! I'm a Breeder! They're supposed to follow me around!" He retorted, folding his arms over his chest. "Everyone knows this!"

You pout, stamping your foot down. "I didn't! I just got here!"

The boy's eyes widen a little and his arms goes back down to his sides, concealed underneath his black cloak. "O-oh..." He said, scratching his cheek with a finger, embarrassed. "W-w-well your parents should have told you!" He mumbled a little, his face turning red.

"_____?" A very kind voice spoke out from behind you. You turn to see your mother at the door way of the building.

"Mommy!" You smiled, hugging her thin waist.

"I thought I heard your voice." She smiles down at you then looks over at the young boy who just bashfully pulled his hood down more over his face. "Oh, hello Arthur. I see you're working hard as usual." She giggled at the flock of small dragons around his feet.

"Y-yes, ma'am... G-good day ma'am!" He quickly dashes away, his dragons scrambling after him.

You stuck your tongue out after him then looked up at your mother. "He was mean! He told me you and daddy should have taught me what a Breeder was!"

She just giggles and takes your hand, leading you inside. "Well, I guess we should have but Arthur's not mean. He gets embarrassed very easily. He's a very nice boy, you should get to know him."

"I don't want to!" You whined. Your mother laughs as you both enter the building, starting your training as a Dragon Tamer.
Sort of an idea I've had for a while ^^ This is just the introduction kind of =3 Will post the more soon.

Little England~ :heart: =w= I loved his Japanese dub voice, so adorable

I'm planning on expanding this world a little bit with other countryXreader stuff but they won't last as long as Hetaloid series ^^"

next- [link]

Original image link [link]
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