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September 21, 2012
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You exited your home, adjusting your bag hanging off your shoulder. You turned to the street and sighed. You preferred to stay inside on your Saturdays and do something more productive yet required little to no human interaction but you had to go to the grocery store to buy some supplies.

You made you way down the street, plugging into your portable music player. You listened to your favorite song as you walked, staring down at the ground as it pasted you by. You zoned out into your own world with your music blaring that you did not notice a group of guys making their ways towards you, also absorbed in their conversation.

You slammed against one of them, your face burying into his back. You grunt a little, backing up. You glance up to see a tall blonde guy around your age looking down at you. He wore a bomber jacket, fur lining on the collar and sleeve cuffs. He wore a Captain America T-shirt with faded jeans that fitted his legs. You quickly avert your eyes. "Sorry..." You quickly said, moving around him and his friends.

"Sorry about that!" You could hear him call after you but you continued on. You were glad he wasn't rude but you didn't feel like interacting with anymore people than the cashier at the store.

"That will be 10.99." The cashier informs you your items are bagged. You quickly hand her your money and wait for the change, adverting your eyes to the counter. "And here's your change." You take it and grab your bag, leaving the store while avoiding the other shoppers.

You let out a sigh, looking up at the cloudy sky. There was a nice breeze, blowing in the smells of McDonald. You could smell the fast food place from a mile away at this rate. You sigh once again closing your eyes. You embraced the calm moment until it was rudely interrupted as a man ran straight into you. You fell onto the ground, growling cursing under your breath.

You open your eyes as the man scurries away, your bag in his arms. You felt your blood boil as rage filled your (e/c) eyes. 'That son of a-' You jump to your feet and forgetting the bags of groceries and sprint after the thief. You continuously yelled curses at him.

You chased him down the street till he turned down and alley. Obviously distressed that it turned out to be a dead end, the man turns to you taking an aggressive stance. You were slightly intimidated since he was larger than you but the rage going through your blood clouded your judgment as you charged at him.

You saw him throw a punch and your body instinctively ducked to avoid contact. As you skid onto your back, feeling some pain from the cement against skin, you quickly roll out of the way before the man stomped down where you were. You pushed yourself from the ground quickly and prepared yourself for his next attack, bringing your hands up to your face in a defensive position.

The man growls before throwing a punch towards you. You attempt to block his punch, only to find that you had miscalculated how much force he had used as his fist contacted against your palm. You are pushed back onto the ground, pain searing through your hands and jaw.

You glare up at the man, ignoring the pain pulsing through your body and jump right up. The man tries to punch you once again but you were much more prepared this time around and move to the side. You latch onto his arm and slam your knee into his stomach. He bends over, groaning in pain. You continue to knee him until he pushed you into the wall, his arms wrapping around your neck, putting you into a headlock.

You tense up, shocked at the situation but you attempted to kick behind you, hoping to hit the weak spot. In the struggle with the thief, you did not hear someone rushing towards you two. As you felt the pressure against you increase, you heard a crack before the feeling of release. You cough, falling to your knees. You rub your neck, looking up to see the blonde guy from earlier that day boxing against the thief.

Within a series of 4 jabs and 2 power hits with his gloved hands, the blonde knocked the thief to the ground. He looms over the thief, waiting to see if he would pop back up. Once he knew that the man was out for the count, he turns to you and extends his hand to you, grinning.

"That was a fight you put up, dude! You OK?" You look down at his gloved hand and hesitantly take it. He helps you to your feet. You brush yourself off, avoiding eye contact.

"T-thanks..." You quietly say, walking past the knocked out man and grabbing your back. You check the contents and find everything in place. You let out of relieved sigh. You wince a little it pain as you slowly adjusts your jaw a little to see how much damage was cause. Luckily, nothing felt broken but you knew you should probably clean out the scratches on your back and elbows.

"My friends were grabbing your stuff while I went after you so they should be here soon." The blonde man grinned, taking out his cell phone and dialing 911. He extends his free hand to you and cheerfully says, "This hero's name is Alfred Jones. What's yours?"

You looked at him a little confused but take his hand. "_____ _____..." You finally look him in the eyes as were immediately captured. They were a gorgeous blue and seemed to suck you in. Taking a good look, you notice that Alfred was a very handsome man. You could feel flutters in your stomach as you pull back your hand. You couldn't describe the foreign feelings that were flooding your system.

"Yo, need the police. Thief tried to murder this chick but he's out cold right now." Alfred talked on the phone, occasionally looking up to you. He gives you a wink, causing your face to blush a light red.  "Alright, thanks a lot!" He hangs up and smiles down at you. "Well, ______, cops should be here soon and all this mess with be straightened up!"

"T-thanks, Alfred..." You mumbled, averting your eyes from his face and towards the ground.

"You were lucky that a hero like me was here to save you, huh? You should totally call me Hero now." He laughed, placing an arm over your shoulder.

Your face burns brightly as you quickly removed his arm, hiding your blush. "W-w-w-what? No way!"

"Hey, probably a totally inappropriate time but can I have your number?" You stare at the blonde as he grins at you, a tint of pink dusting his cheeks. He had a very adorable grin that made your heart beat faster.

"N-n-no!" You quickly reply, hanging your head down. You can barely think straight in this situation. This very attractive man just asked for your number right after saving you.

Alfred laughs then shrugs, reaching into his pocket. "Thought you would say that, so you can have my number." He pulls out a slip of paper and a pen. He pops off the cap with his teeth and holds it in his mouth as he scribbles down the set of numbers. "'Ere." He said, handing you the piece of paper. As you slowly take it, he pushes the pen into the cap and places it back into his pocket.

You blush deeply and stare at the piece of paper, no words coming to you.

"I do not think it is proper to give out your number so quickly, Alfred-san." A Japanese man said, carrying some of your bags. He was followed by another blonde man but he was shorter and had very bushy brows. He carried the rest of your bags

"Good grief, already? You truly have no patience, Alfred..." The blonde sighed, rolling his green eyes. You noticed his English accent.

"What, I couldn't help it." Alfred laughed, rubbing the back of his head. "The Hero always gets the girl!" You blush more, shoving the slip of paper into your bag. You wanted to leave but you knew that you had to stay put until the police come.

Alfred's friends soon leave, the "Hero" telling them that he can handle it himself. You sit to the side and wait for the police, keeping an eye on the thief. Once the police come, they ask a few questions before arresting the man and going on their way.

"Want me to help you carry those home?" Alfred asks, picking up one of your bags.

You quickly snatch the bag from his hand in embarrassment and whisper, "N-no, thank you..." you didn't want him to know where you lived.

"You sure?" He asked, a slightly concerned look on his face.

"Y-yes..." You replied, adjusting the bags in your arms so that you were much more comfortable. You bashfully glance up to look into his azure eyes and whisper, "T-thanks again, Alfred..."

He beams at you and nods. "No problem!Don't forget to call me! Right when you get home so I know you got there safely!" He laughs and jogs off, probably to catch up with his friends. You sighs, watching him leave. You shake yourself out of the slight trance and move on, frowning to yourself.

'I will not call him.... I will not call him....' You chanted to yourself as you returned home, putting away the groceries and sitting down on the couch. 'I will not call him.... I will not call him....' You rolled your eyes and grabbed your cellphone, reaching into your back for the slip of paper. Who were you kidding, you were going to call your Hero.
>////< This took longer than I had hoped, I am so sorry for its tardiness!

This was a request from :icondarkikunyumi:, I hope this is alright! TT_TT I am very sorry if this is not what you wanted!

Please enjoy~ :heart:
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